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Honda Civic Type R EP3 63K 2 Owners

Newcastle upon Tyne

Honda Civic

63.000 miles
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Newcastle upon Tyne
Posted: 04 Feb 2018
Honda Civic Type R for sale. Very good condition for the age. Very low mileage. Car is completely standard apart from a Mugen sticker on the front bumper. Can easily be removed. Couple of bad points every car has them especially at this age. The engine light intermittently comes on. This has been traced back to a faulty TPS sensor. Common on the k20. Only comes on very intermittently and usually after it warms up the car is fine. Couple of marks to the interior panels. Front seats are starting to see wear but nothing major. Could probably do with some new rear disks and pads soon. But again nothing major. Tested until 13/5/2018
Last Honda service 27/10/14 at 40968 miles
Tested and serviced locally
23/5/15- 4554miles-
13/5/17-61090miles Lots of paperwork original bill of sale/servicing/etc. 1x key/ 2x fobs