£ 650


Swansea, United Kingdom

Volkswagen Golf

1.200 miles
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Swansea, United Kingdom
Posted: 02 Sep 2018
Here is my VW Golf 2.0 sdi for sale.
The car is in decent condition for its age and mileage, the engine is mint, clean interior, and it has been serviced about 1200 miles ago( filters, oil, and break pads), drives nice, no knocking or noise and also no smoke. It is sold as spares and repairs.
The reason for selling it as spares and repairs: the ABS control module and the steering angle sensor were faulty and had been replaced, but the new parts have to be re coded. because of these issues there are warning lights on the dashboard and the steering assistant is not working hence a heavy steering wheel. As I said the defective parts had been replaced( I have the receipts and the old parts). It is not an expensive reparation but I don't have time to take care of it. The car has a lot of life left and it worth to be saved.
The car drives well, even with the up stated faults but is having a heavy steering wheel. Great consumption and within a few scratches is having a good bodywork.
For any additional info please call at 07467325528